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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Achieving secrecy of MISO fading wiretap channels via jamming and precoding with imperfect channel state informationXiong, Qi; Gong, Yi; Liang, Ying-Chang; Li, Kwok Hung
1999Analysis of CDMA-based land mobile satellite communication systems over fading channelsZhang, Wei
 2012Analysis of switch diversity combining over two wave with diffuse power fadingTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
 2013Analysis of transmit antenna selection with switch-and-examine combining with postselection at the receiver over Rayleigh fading channelsTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
 2012Analysis of transmit antenna selection/switch-and-examine combining over Nakagami-m fading channelsTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
1993Application of coding techniques to spread spectrum systemsChoo, Tze Peng.
2002Application of turbo codes in DS-CDMA systems using linear MMSE receiversLi, Yuan.
1999Automatic threshold decision using maximum mismatched correlation value for direct sequence code aquisitionNatarajan Pasupathy Prasad
 2012Bit-error rate analysis of low-density parity-check codes with generalised selection combining over a Rayleigh-fading channel using Gaussian approximationTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
1997Capacity enhancement for cellular CDMACheah, Christopher Kok Leong.
2007Carrier frequency offset estimation algorithms in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systemsFeng, Yang
2005Code domain power measuring system receiverBasavaraju, B. M.
2014Cooperative spectrum sensing in a medium-traffic primary network using double-threshold scheme over imperfect reporting channelsRabiee, Ramtin; Li, Kwok Hung
 2012Detection of interference in slow FH/16-QAM systems using generalized likelihood ratio testAung, Aye; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
 2012Detection of partial-band noise interference in slow FH/QPSK systemsAung, Aye; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
2014Distributed boundary estimation for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networksZhang, Yi; Tay, Wee Peng; Li, Kwok Hung; Gaïti, Dominique
 2012Downlink beamforming in clustered cooperative multicell MIMO systemsLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Zhang, Zhiyu.
1999Efficient performance evaluations for forward-link cellular DS-CDMA over fading channelsOh, Ser Wah.
 2012An efficient successive relaying protocol for multiple-relay cooperative networksLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Hu, Yongxu.
1999Frequency hopping digital receiver and its implementationGe, Zaokun.