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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Achieving secrecy of MISO fading wiretap channels via jamming and precoding with imperfect channel state informationXiong, Qi; Gong, Yi; Liang, Ying-Chang; Li, Kwok Hung
1999Analysis of CDMA-based land mobile satellite communication systems over fading channelsZhang, Wei
 2012Analysis of switch diversity combining over two wave with diffuse power fadingTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
 2013Analysis of transmit antenna selection with switch-and-examine combining with postselection at the receiver over Rayleigh fading channelsTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
 2012Analysis of transmit antenna selection/switch-and-examine combining over Nakagami-m fading channelsTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
1993Application of coding techniques to spread spectrum systemsChoo, Tze Peng.
2002Application of turbo codes in DS-CDMA systems using linear MMSE receiversLi, Yuan.
1999Automatic threshold decision using maximum mismatched correlation value for direct sequence code aquisitionNatarajan Pasupathy Prasad
 2012Bit-error rate analysis of low-density parity-check codes with generalised selection combining over a Rayleigh-fading channel using Gaussian approximationTan, Beng Soon; Li, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan
1997Capacity enhancement for cellular CDMACheah, Christopher Kok Leong.
2005Code domain power measuring system receiverBasavaraju, B. M.
2014Cooperative spectrum sensing in a medium-traffic primary network using double-threshold scheme over imperfect reporting channelsRabiee, Ramtin; Li, Kwok Hung
 2012Detection of interference in slow FH/16-QAM systems using generalized likelihood ratio testAung, Aye; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
 2012Detection of partial-band noise interference in slow FH/QPSK systemsAung, Aye; Teh, Kah Chan; Li, Kwok Hung
2014Distributed boundary estimation for spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networksZhang, Yi; Tay, Wee Peng; Li, Kwok Hung; Gaïti, Dominique
 2012Downlink beamforming in clustered cooperative multicell MIMO systemsLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Zhang, Zhiyu.
1999Efficient performance evaluations for forward-link cellular DS-CDMA over fading channelsOh, Ser Wah.
 2012An efficient successive relaying protocol for multiple-relay cooperative networksLi, Kwok Hung; Teh, Kah Chan; Hu, Yongxu.
1999Frequency hopping digital receiver and its implementationGe, Zaokun.
2002Interference rejection in wireless digital communicationsHu, Ying.