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 2020All-in-one stretchable coaxial-fiber strain sensor integrated with high-performing supercapacitorPan, Z.; Yang, J.; Li, L.; Gao, X.; Kang, Lixing; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Qichong; Kou, Z.; Zhang, T.; Wei, Lei; Yao, Y.; Wang, J.
 2014Dominant factor determining the conduction-type of nitrogen-doped ZnO filmLi, L.; Shan, C. X.; Zhang, X. T.; Lu, Y. M.; Sun, B. D.; Ma, X. Z.; Jiang, D. L.; Wu, T.
2019Ferromagnetism and conductivity in atomically thin SrRuO3Boschker, H.; Harada, T.; Asaba, T.; Ashoori, R.; Boris, A. V.; Hilgenkamp, H.; Hughes, C. R.; Holtz, M. E.; Li, L.; Muller, D. A.; Nair, H.; Reith, P.; Schlom, D. G.; Soukiassian, A.; Mannhart, J.; Wang, Renshaw Xiao
2009Formation and characterization of magnetron sputtered Ta–Si–N–O thin filmsXu, S.; Chen, Z.; Yan, H.; Li, L.; Ho, F. Y.; Liang, M. H.; Pan, J. S.
2012Periodic dark pulse emission induced by delayed feedback in a quantum well semiconductor laserLi, L.; Xu, C. W.; Knize, R. J.; Tang, Dingyuan; Shen, De Yuan
 2021Polarization domain splitting and incoherently coupled dark-bright vector soliton formation in single mode fiber lasersHu, Xiaonan; Guo, Jun; Ma, J.; Li, L.; Tang, Ding Yuan
2020Tsunami earthquakes : vertical pop-up expulsion at the forefront of subduction megathrustHananto, N. D.; Leclerc, F.; Li, L.; Etchebes, M.; Carton, H.; Tapponnier, P.; Qin, Y.; Avianto, P.; Singh, S.C.; Wei, S.