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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007The 17th CCP Congress : the issue of successionLi, Mingjiang
2007The 17th CPC congress : the transition that the world missedLi, Mingjiang
2009Beibu Gulf : emerging sub-regional integration between China and ASEANGu, Xiaosong; Li, Mingjiang
2009China and Asian Regionalism: Pragmatism Hinders LeadershipLi, Mingjiang
2007China warms up for battle on global warmingChen, Gang; Li, Mingjiang
2019China's economic power in Asia : the Belt and Road Initiative and the local Guangxi government's roleLi, Mingjiang
2008China's growing military transparency: the domestic factorLi, Mingjiang
2009China's Gulf of Aden expedition : stepping stone to East Asia?Li, Mingjiang
2008China's soft power: stuck in transitionLi, Mingjiang
2007China’s Proactive Engagement in Asia: Economics, Politics and InteractionsLi, Mingjiang
2012China’s rising maritime aspirations : impact on Beijing’s good-neighbour policyLi, Mingjiang
 2020China’s water diplomacy in the Mekong : a paradigm shift and the role of Yunnan provincial governmentZhang, Hongzhou; Li, Mingjiang
2015China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative: New Round of Opening UpLi, Mingjiang
2012Chinese debates of south china sea policy : implications for future developmentsLi, Mingjiang
2007Climate change : ASEAN plus 3's new concernChen, Gang; Li, Mingjiang
2016Comparing China’s claims and policies in the East and South China Seas : implications for regional securityYang, Fang; Li, Mingjiang
2019Hainan Province in China’s South China Sea policy : What role does the local government play?Li, Mingjiang
2014The half-moon shoal trials : China's half-hearted responseLim, Kheng Swe; Li, Mingjiang
2006Koizumi's shrine visit fulfills pledge, complicates East Asian relationsLi, Mingjiang
2008Nanning-Singapore corridor : a new vision in China-ASEAN cooperationGu, Xiaosong; Li, Mingjiang