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2020Bag-of-Concepts representation for document classification based on automatic knowledge acquisition from probabilistic knowledge baseLi, Pengfei; Mao, Kezhi; Xu, Yuecong; Li, Qi; Zhang, Jiaheng
2021CARE : commonsense-aware emotional response generation with latent conceptsZhang, Peixiang; Wang, Di; Li, Pengfei; Zhang, Chen; Wang, Hao; Miao, Chunyan
2023Discriminator-enhanced knowledge-distillation networksLi, Zhenping; Cao, Zhen; Li, Pengfei; Zhong, Yong; Li, Shaobo
 2020Hybrid-PWM-controlled current-fed bidirectional series resonant converter with low current ripple and wide voltage gainGu, Ling; Zhang, Xin; Li, Pengfei
2020Incorporating external knowledge into machine learning algorithms for NLP applicationsLi, Pengfei
2019Knowledge-oriented convolutional neural network for causal relation extraction from natural language textsLi, Pengfei; Mao, Kezhi
2019Knowledge-oriented Hierarchical Neural Network for sentiment classificationWang, Yanliu; Li, Pengfei
2023Multi-hop question generation with knowledge graph-enhanced language modelLi, Zhenping; Cao, Zhen; Li, Pengfei; Zhong, Yong; Li, Shaobo
 2022A novel end-to-end neural network for simultaneous filtering of task-unrelated named entities and fine-grained typing of task-related named entitiesLi, Qi; Mao, Kezhi; Li, Pengfei; Xu, Yuecong; Lo, Edmond Yat Man
 2023Oxide-derived bismuth as an efficient catalyst for electrochemical reduction of flue gasYang, Fangqi; Liang, Caihong; Zhou, Weizhen; Zhao, Wendi; Li, Pengfei; Hua, Zhengyu; Yu, Haoming; Chen, Shixia; Deng, Shuguang; Li, Jing; Lam, Yeng Ming; Wang, Jun
2016Privacy-preserving protocol for trust and reputation system in VANETLi, Pengfei
2016Sentiment analysis for points of interest : a point of interest recommendation system based on “W4” recommendation modelLi, Pengfei
2013Structural responses of secondary lining of high-speed railway tunnel excavated in loess groundZhang, Dingli; Fang, Qian; Li, Pengfei; Wong, Louis Ngai Yuen