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2021A compact and interpretable convolutional neural network for cross-subject driver drowsiness detection from single-channel EEGCui, Jian; Lan, Zirui; Liu, Yisi; Li, Ruilin; Li, Fan; Sourina, Olga; Müller-Wittig, Wolfgang
2020EEG-based recognition of driver state related to situation awareness using graph convolutional networksLi, Ruilin; Lan, Zirui; Cui, Jian; Sourina, Olga; Wang, Lipo
 2020A hierarchical framework for collaborative probabilistic semantic mappingYue, Yufeng; Zhao, Chunyang; Li, Ruilin; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Wang, Yuanzhe; Wang, Danwei
2019Hierarchical framework of collaborative 3D semantic mapping based on semantic segmentationLi, Ruilin
2019Probabilistic 3D semantic map fusion based on Bayesian ruleYue, Yufeng; Li, Ruilin; Zhao, Chunyang; Yang, Chule; Zhang, Jun; Wen, Mingxing; Peng, Guohao; Wu, Zhenyu; Wang, Danwei