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 2011Applications of finite element methods for reliability study of ULSI interconnectionsTan, Cher Ming; Li, Wei; Gan, Zhenghao
2005Discussion on new issues faced by China's traditional material suppliers : the case analysis and discussion on business model and process reengineering of Hengwu companyLi, Wei; Zhang, Peiliang; Zhao, Hui
2012A dividerless PLL with low power and low reference spur by aperture-phase detector and phase-to-analog converterCai, Deyun; Fu, Haipeng; Ren, Junyan; Li, Wei; Li, Ning; Yu, Hao; Yeo, Kiat Seng
2016Germanium-on-silicon nitride waveguides for mid-infrared integrated photonicsLi, Wei; Anantha, P.; Bao, Shuyu; Lee, Kwang Hong; Guo, Xin; Hu, Ting; Zhang, Lin; Wang, Hong; Soref, Richard; Tan, Chuan Seng
2019Green development performance of water resources and its economic-related determinantsLi, Wei; Xi, Yongqin; Wu, Feimei; Masoud, Mahmoud; Liu, Shi Qiang
2017Hetero-epitaxy of high quality germanium film on silicon substrate for optoelectronic integrated circuit applicationsLee, Kwang Hong; Bao, Shuyu; Lin, Yiding; Wang, Yue; Li, Wei; Zhang, Lin; Michel, Jurgen; Fitzgerald, Eugene A.; Tan, Chuan Seng; Anantha, P.
2019Innovation-driven industrial green development : the moderating role of regional factorsLi, Wei; Wang, Jue; Chen, Rongxiao; Xi, Yongqin; Liu, Shi Qiang; Wu, Feimei; Masoud, Mahmoud; Wu, Xueping
 2011Macroblock classification method for video applications involving motionsLin, Weiyao; Sun, Ming-Ting; Li, Hongxiang; Chen, Zhenzhong; Li, Wei; Zhou, Bing
2015MS2 virus inactivation by atmospheric-pressure cold plasma using different gas carriers and power levelsWu, Yan; Liang, Yongdong; Wei, Kai; Li, Wei; Yao, Maosheng; Zhang, Jue; Grinshpun, Sergey A.
27-May-2019A novel germanium-on-silicon nitride platform for Mid-IR sensingLi, Wei
2015Novel tubular switched reluctance motor with double excitation windings: Design, modeling, and experimentsYan, Liang; Li, Wei; Jiao, Zongxia; Chen, I-Ming
2017Optimal design of multistage centrifugal pump based on the combined energy loss model and computational fluid dynamicsWang, Chuan; Shi, Weidong; Wang, Xikun; Jiang, Xiaoping; Yang, Yang; Li, Wei; Zhou, Ling
2018Preface : two dimensional (2D) hybrid organic-inorganic perovskitesLi, Wei; Docampo, Pablo; Mohite, Aditya D.; Zhang, Hua
2019Selective laser melting of reduced graphene oxide/S136 metal matrix composites with tailored microstructures and mechanical propertiesWen, Shifeng; Chen, Keyu; Li, Wei; Zhou, Yan; Wei, Qingsong; Shi, Yusheng
2018Spiral waveguides on germanium-on-silicon nitride platform for mid-IR sensing applicationsLi, Wei; Anantha, P.; Lee, Kwang Hong; Qiu, Hao Dong; Guo, Xin; Goh, Simon Chun Kiat; Zhang, Lin; Wang, Hong; Soref, Richard A.; Tan, Chuan Seng
2013Ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopic signatures of superconducting and pseudogap phases in YBa2Cu3O7−δ filmsZhang, Chunfeng; Li, Wei; He, Bin; Wang, Ye; Yang, Fan; Wang, Xiaoyong; Xiao, Min; Chakhalian, J.; Gray, B. A.