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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Adaptive neural network control of robot based on a unified objective boundLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern
 2013Antimicrobial functionalization of silicone surfaces with engineered short peptides having broad spectrum antimicrobial and salt-resistant propertiesLi, Xiang; Li, Peng; Saravanan, Rathi; Basu, Anindya; Mishra, Biswajit; Lim, Suo Hon; Su, Xiaodi; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Antimicrobial macromolecules : synthesis methods and future applicationsLi, Xiang; Li, Peng; Saravanan, Rathi; Li, Chang Ming; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Application of classical clustering methods for online tool condition monitoring in high speed milling processesLi, Xiang; Torabi, Amin J.; Er, Meng Joo; Lim, Beng Siong; Zhai, Lian yin; San, Linn; Gan, Oon Peen; Ching, Chuen Teck
 2013Biomolecular engineering of a human beta defensin model for increased salt resistanceLi, Xiang; Saravanan, Rathi; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
2018Characteristic temperature of a 2 µm InGaSb/AlGaAsSb mode-locked quantum well laserLi, Xiang; Wang, Hong; Qiao, Zhongliang; Guo, Xin; Wang, Wanjun; Ng, Geok Ing; Liu, Chongyang
2013Density functional studies relevant to methanol steam reformingLi, Xiang
2016Design and analysis of optical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in optical fiber transmission systemsLi, Xiang
 2013Design of short membrane selective antimicrobial peptides containing tryptophan and arginine residues for improved activity, salt-resistance, and biocompatibilitySaravanan, Rathi; Li, Xiang; Lim, Kaiyang; Mohanram, Harini; Peng, Li; Mishra, Biswajit; Basu, Anindya; Lee, Jong-Min; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
2019Design, fabrication, and investigation of 2 μm GaSb-based diode lasersLi, Xiang
2013Dynamic trapping and manipulation of biological cells with optical tweezersSun, Dong; Hu, Songyu.; Cheah, Chien Chern; Li, Xiang
2012Effect of surface contamination on electron tunneling in the high bias rangeQin, Hailang; Goh, Johnson Kuan Eng; Bosman, Michel; Li, Xiang; Pey, Kin Leong; Troadec, Cedric
2004An experimental study on beer distribution game : impact of inventory visibility and business intelligence on supply chainLi, Xiang; Liew, Zhong Yao; Pham Tran Quynh Trang
 2014Frequency domain MDPSK based non-equalization OFDM for coherent free-space optical communication over modified rician turbulence channelChen, Chen; Zhong, Wen-De; Li, Xiang
2012Global task-space adaptive control of robotLi, Xiang; Cheah, Chien Chern
2018Hadamard transform-based calibration method for programmable optical filters based on digital micro-mirror deviceKang, Jian; Li, Xiang; Liu, Quan
2013Harnessing spectral property of dual wavelength white LED to improve vertical scanning interferometryChong, Wee Keat; Soh, Yeng Chai; Li, Xiang
2019High temperature characteristics of a 2 μm InGaSb/AlGaAsSb passively mode-locked quantum well laserLi, Xiang; Wang, Hong; Qiao, Zhongliang; Guo, Xin; Wang, Wanjun; Ng, Geok Ing; Zhang, Yu; Niu, Zhichuan; Tong, Cunzhu; Liu, Chongyang; Sia, Brian Jia Xu
 2016Human-Guided Robotic Comanipulation: Two Illustrative ScenariosLi, Xiang; Chi, Guoyi; Vidas, Stephen; Cheah, Chien Chern
2013Investigation of PMD in direct-detection optical OFDM with zero paddingLi, Xiang; Alphones, Arokiaswami; Zhong, Wende; Yu, Changyuan.