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2017Algorithmic management for improving collective productivity in crowdsourcingYu, Han; Miao, Chunyan; Chen, Yiqiang; Fauvel, Simon; Li, Xiaoming; Lesser, Victor R.
 2018Facile synthesis of In2S3/UiO-66 composite with enhanced adsorption performance and photocatalytic activity for the removal of tetracycline under visible light irradiationDong, Wenbo; Wang, Dongbo; Wang, Hou; Li, Mengke; Chen, Fei; Jia, Feiyue; Yang, Qi; Li, Xiaoming; Yuan, Xingzhong; Gong, Jilai; Li, Hailong; Ye, Jun
 2012Improving large graph processing on partitioned graphs in the cloudChen, Rishan; Yang, Mao; Weng, Xuetian; Choi, Byron; He, Bingsheng; Li, Xiaoming
2019Lateral cavity enabled Fabry-Perot microlasers from all-inorganic perovskitesWang, Ziming; Ren, Yinjuan; Wang, Yue; Gu, Zhiyuan; Li, Xiaoming; Sun, Handong
2020Link prediction and recommendation in signed social networksLi, Xiaoming
 2018Simultaneously efficient adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline by Fe-based MOFsWang, Dongbo; Jia, Feiyue; Wang, Hou; Chen, Fei; Fang, Ying; Dong, Wenbo; Zeng, Guangming; Li, Xiaoming; Yang, Qi; Yuan, Xingzhong
2017Solution-Processed Low Threshold Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers from All-Inorganic Perovskite NanocrystalsWang, Yue; Li, Xiaoming; Nalla, Venkatram; Zeng, Haibo; Sun, Handong
2019Temperature dependent reflectance and ellipsometry studies on a CsPbBr3 single crystalChen, Xiaoxuan; Wang, Yue; Song, Jizhong; Li, Xiaoming; Xu, Jiayue; Zeng, Haibo; Sun, Handong