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2018Active magnetic decoupling for improving the performance of integrated LCL-filters in grid-connected convertersLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Lin, Pengfeng; Tang, Yi
2017A battery/ultracapacitor hybrid energy storage system for implementing the power management of virtual synchronous generatorsFang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Li, Hongchang; Li, Xiaoqiang
2017Capacitor-voltage feedforward with full delay compensation to improve weak grids adaptability of LCL-filtered grid-connected converters for distributed generation systemsLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Wu, Xiaojie; Geng, Yiwen
2017Decentralized control of two DC microgrids interconnected with tie-lineAdhikari, Sujan; Xu, Qianwen; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng; Li, Xiaoqiang
 2018A distributed control architecture for global system economic operation in autonomous hybrid AC/DC microgridsLin, Pengfeng; Jin, Chi; Xiao, Jianfang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Shi, Donghan; Tang, Yi; Wang, Peng
2018Magnetic integration of LTL filter with two LC-traps for grid-connected power convertersLi, Xiaoqiang; Lin, Pengfeng; Tang, Yi
2017Multiple-Vector Model Predictive Power Control of Four-Switch Three-Phase Rectifiers with Capacitor Voltage BalancingZhou, Dehong; Li, Xiaoqiang; Tang, Yi
2018Robust design of LCL filters for single-current-loop-controlled grid-connected power converters with unit PCC voltage feedforwardLi, Xiaoqiang; Fang, Jingyang; Tang, Yi; Wu, Xiaojie
2017Stability improvement for three-phase grid-connected converters through impedance reshaping in quadrature-axisFang, Jingyang; Li, Xiaoqiang; Li, Hongchang; Tang, Yi
2017Voltage Distortion Suppression for Off-grid Inverters with an Improved Load Current Feedforward ControlGeng, Yiwen; Zhang, Xue; Li, Xiaoqiang; Wang, Kai; Yuan, Xibo