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2012Atmospheric ammonia and particulate inorganic nitrogen over the United StatesHeald, C. L.; J. L. Collett Jr.; Lee, T.; Benedict, K. B.; Schwandner, F. M.; Li, Y.; Clarisse, L.; Hurtmans, D. R.; Van Damme, M.; Clerbaux, C.; Coheur, P.-F.; Philip, S.; Martin, R. V.; Pye, H. O. T.
2013Atomic layer deposition of ZrO2 as gate dielectrics for AlGaN/GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor high electron mobility transistors on siliconYe, G.; Wang, Hong; Arulkumaran, Subramaniam; Ng, Geok Ing; Hofstetter, R.; Li, Y.; Anand, M. J.; Ang, K. S.; Bryan, Maung Ye Kyaw Thu; Foo, Siew Chuen
 2013A contact analysis approach based on linear complementarity formulation using smoothed finite element methodsLi, Y.; Zhang, G. Y.; Liu, G. R.; Huang, Y. N.; Zong, Z.
2014Design of variable-speed dish-stirling solar-thermal power plant for maximum energy harnessLi, Y.; Choi, S. S.; Yang, C.; Wei, F.
2018A dissipative self-sustained optomechanical resonator on a silicon chipHuang, J. G.; Li, Y.; Chin, Lip Ket; Cai, H.; Gu, Y. D.; Karim, Muhammad Faeyz; Wu, J. H.; Chen, T. N.; Yang, Z. C.; Hao, Y. L.; Qiu, C. W.; Liu, Ai Qun
 2020Facilitating interfacial stability via bilayer heterostructure solid electrolyte toward high-energy, safe and adaptable lithium batteriesSun, J.; Yao, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, C.; Shi, Qiuwei; Wang, H.
 2012Gut microbiota accelerate tumor growth via c-jun and STAT3 phosphorylation in APCMin/+ miceLi, Y.; Kundu, P.; Seow, S. W.; de Matos, C. T.; Aronsson, L.; Chin, K. C.; Karre, K.; Pettersson, S.; Greicius, G.
 2021Hierarchical composite-solid-electrolyte with high electrochemical stability and interfacial regulation for boosting ultra-stable lithium batteriesSun, J.; He, C.; Yao, X.; Song, A.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, C.; Shi, Qiuwei; Wang, H.
2003Intense vortex pinning enhanced by semicrystalline defect traps in self-aligned nanostructured MgB2Li, S.; White, Timothy John; Laursen, K.; Tan, T. T.; Sun, C. Q.; Dong, Zhili; Li, Y.; Zho, S. H.; Horvat, J.; Dou, S. X.
2002Observation of clusters in Re60Fe30Al10 alloys and the associated magnetic propertiesDing, Jun; Dong, Zhili; White, Timothy John; Kong, H. Z.; Wang, L.; Li, Y.
2016Preliminary Investigation of 4D Printing Technology for Deployable UAV DevelopmentChua, Chee Kai; Teoh, J. E. M.; Liu, Yong; An, J.; Li, Y.
2003Spark plasma reaction sintering of ZrO2-mullite composites from plasma spheroidized zircon/alumina powdersYu, L. G.; Li, Y.; Munir, Z. A.; Khor, Khiam Aik; Dong, Zhili
2012Vertical silicon nanowire platform for low power electronics and clean energy applicationsKwong, Dim Lee; Sun, Yuan; Singh, Navab; Lo, Guo-Qing; Li, X.; Ramanathan, G.; Chen, Z. X.; Wong, S. M.; Li, Y.; Shen, N. S.; Buddharaju, K.; Yu, Y. H.; Lee, S. J.