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 20125-Fluorouracil encapsulated HA/PLGA composite microspheres for cancer therapyOoi, Chui Ping; Lin, Yuting; Li, Yan
2017Channel-Inactivating Mutations and Their Revertant Mutants in the Envelope Protein of Infectious Bronchitis VirusTo, Janet; Surya, Wahyu; Fung, To Sing; Li, Yan; Verdià-Bàguena, Carmina; Queralt-Martin, Maria; Aguilella, Vicente M.; Liu, Ding Xiang; Torres, Jaume
2015Characterization of single amino acid substitutions in the β2 integrin subunit of patients with leukocyte adhesion deficiency (LAD)-1Guan, Siyu; Tan, Suet-Mien; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume; Uzel, Gulbu; Xiang, Liming; Law, S.K. Alex
2016Crystal structure of unlinked NS2B-NS3 protease from Zika virusZhang, Zhenzhen; Li, Yan; Loh, Ying Ru; Phoo, Wint Wint; Hung, Alvin W.; Kang, CongBao; Luo, Dahai
2017Efficient generation of an array of single silicon-vacancy defects in silicon carbideWang, Junfeng; Zhou, Yu; Zhang, Xiaoming; Liu, Fucai; Li, Yan; Li, Ke; Liu, Zheng; Wang, Guanzhong; Gao, Weibo
2018Elucidating the bactericidal mechanism of action of the linear antimicrobial tetrapeptide BRBR-NH 2Lau, Qiu Ying; Li, Jianguo; Sani, Marc-Antoine; Sinha, Sheetal; Li, Yan; Ng, Fui Mee; Kang, CongBao; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Separovic, Frances; Verma, Chandra; Chia, Brian Cheng San
 2011Fabrication of cisplatin-loaded poly(lactide-co-glycolide) composite microspheres for osteosarcoma treatmentLi, Yan; Lim, Sierin; Ooi, Chui Ping
2014Inhibition of the human respiratory syncytial virus small hydrophobic protein and structural variations in a bicelle environmentLi, Yan; To, Janet; Verdià-Baguena, Carmina; Dossena, Silvia; Surya, Wahyu; Huang, Mei; Paulmichi, Markus; Liu, Ding Xiang; Aguilella, Vicente M.; Torres, Jaume
2015Interaction between human BAP31 and respiratory syncytial virus small hydrophobic (SH) proteinLi, Yan; Jain, Neeraj; Limpanawat, Suweeraya; To, Janet; Quistgaard, Esben M.; Nordlund, Par; Thanabalu, Thirumaran; Torres, Jaume
2015Pentameric viral ion channels : from structure to functionSurya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume
2015Protein-protein interactions of viroporins in coronaviruses and paramyxoviruses : new targets for antivirals?Torres, Jaume; Surya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Liu, Ding Xiang
2014Remote control and wireless data transfer for ground penetration radar operationLi, Yan
2018Reversible natural language watermarking using synonym substitution and arithmetic codingHao, Wei; Xiang, Lingyun; Li, Yan; Yang, Peng; Shen, Xiaobo
2016Secondary Structure and Membrane Topology of the Full-Length Dengue Virus NS4B in MicellesLi, Yan; Wong, Ying Lei; Lee, Michelle Yueqi; Li, Qingxin; Wang, Qing-Yin; Lescar, Julien; Shi, Pei-Yong; Kang, CongBao
2012Selectivity of stop codon recognition in translation termination is modulated by multiple conformations of GTS loop in eRF1Li, Yan; Pillay, Shubhadra; Frolova, Ludmila; Pervushin, Konstantin; Wong, Leo E.
2016Structural characterization of eRF1 mutants indicate a complex mechanism of stop codon recognitionPillay, Shubhadra; Li, Yan; Wong, Leo E; Pervushin, Konstantin
2018Structural model of the SARS coronavirus E channel in LMPG micellesSurya, Wahyu; Li, Yan; Torres, Jaume
2014Structure of a conserved Golgi complex-targeting signal in coronavirus envelope proteinsLi, Yan; Surya, Wahyu; Claudine, Stephanie; Torres, Jaume
2016Structure of the NS2B-NS3 protease from Zika virus after self-cleavagePhoo, Wint Wint; Li, Yan; Zhang, Zhenzhen; Lee, Michelle Yueqi; Loh, Ying Ru; Tan, Yaw Bia; Ng, Elizabeth Yihui; Lescar, Julien; Kang, CongBao; Luo, Dahai
 2011Synthesis and cytocompatibility of manganese (II) and iron (III) substituted hydroxyapatite nanoparticlesLi, Yan; Widodo, Jasmine; Lim, Sierin; Ooi, Chui Ping