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2019Accurate determination of the translational correlation function of two-dimensional solidsLi, Yan-Wei; Pica Ciamarra, Massimo
2020Attraction tames two-dimensional melting : from continuous to discontinuous transitionsLi, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2018Configuration correlation governs slow dynamics of supercooled metallic liquidsHu, Yuan-Chao; Li, Yan-Wei; Yang, Yong; Guan, Peng-Fei; Bai, Hai-Yang; Wang, Wei-Hua
2019Dynamics in two-dimensional glassy systems of crowded Penrose kitesLi, Yan-Wei; Li, Zi-Qi; Hou, Zhang-Lin; Mason, Thomas G.; Zhao, Kun; Sun, Zhao-Yan; Pica Ciamarra, Massimo
 2020Hexatic phase in a model of active biological tissuesPasupalak, Anshuman; Li, Yan-Wei; Ni, Ran; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2022Local plastic response and slow heterogeneous dynamics of supercooled liquidsLi, Yan-Wei; Yao, Yugui; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2019Long-wavelength fluctuations and anomalous dynamics in 2-dimensional liquidsLi, Yan-Wei; Mishra, Chandan K.; Sun, Zhao-Yan; Zhao, Kun; Mason, Thomas G.; Ganapathy, Rajesh; Pica Ciamarra, Massimo
2021Long-wavelength fluctuations and dimensionality crossover in confined liquidsYang, Jing; Li, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2020Phase behavior of Lennard-Jones particles in two dimensionsLi, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2018Role of cell deformability in the two-dimensional melting of biological tissuesLi, Yan-Wei; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
2021Softness, anomalous dynamics, and fractal-like energy landscape in model cell tissuesLi, Yan-Wei; Wei, Leon Loh Yeong; Paoluzzi, Matteo; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica
 2021Unconventional rheological properties in systems of deformable particlesPasupalak, Anshuman; Samidurai, Shawn Khuhan; Li, Yan-Wei; Zheng, Yuanjian; Ni, Ran; Ciamarra, Massimo Pica