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20203D Chromosome Modelling with Hi-C dataKoh, Qi Cheng
2007Contention resolutions in optical packet switchesLi, Yi
2018Deterministic heavy hitters with sublinear query timeLi, Yi; Nakos, Vasileios
2017Embeddings of Schatten norms with applications to data streamsLi, Yi; Woodruff, David P.
2018Feasibility and transcriptomic analysis of betalain production by biomembrane surface fermentation of Penicillium novae-zelandiaeWang, Hailei; Li, Yi; Zhang, Kun; Ma, Yingqun; Li, Ping
2016Governing the Chinese in multi-ethnic colonial Burma between the 1890s and 1920sLi, Yi
2020Mathematical foundation of data scienceFang, Xiaowei
2020Mechanically interlocked stretchable nanofibers for multifunctional wearable triboelectric nanogeneratorLi, Yi; Xiong, Jiaqing; Lv, Jian; Chen, Jian; Gao, Dace; Zhang, Xiaoxing; Lee, Pooi See
2018On low-risk heavy hitters and sparse recovery schemesLi, Yi; Nakos, Vasileios; Woodruff, David P.
2017Possible mechanisms of control of Fusarium wilt of cut chrysanthemum by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in continuous cropping fields : a case studyLi, Ping; Chen, Jingchao; Li, Yi; Zhang, Kun; Wang, Hailei
2013Relative humidity sensor based on microfiber loop resonatorZheng, Yangzi; Dong, Xinyong; Zhao, Chunliu; Li, Yi; Shao, Liyang; Jin, Shangzhong
2019Robust and cost-saving static solid cultivation method for lipid production using the chlamydospores of Phanerochaete chrysosporiumLiu, Lei; Song, Jie; Li, Yi; Li, Ping; Wang, Hailei
 2018Sublinear-time algorithms for compressive phase retrievalLi, Yi; Nakos, Vasileios
2018Whole-genome sequence of phage-resistant strain Escherichia coli DH5αChen, Jingchao; Li, Yi; Zhang, Kun; Wang, Hailei