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2019Atrial fibrillation detection by the combination of recurrence complex network and convolution neural networkWei, Xiaoling; Li, Jimin; Zhang, Chenghao; Liu, Ming; Xiong, Peng; Yuan, Xin; Li, Yifei; Lin, Feng; Liu, Xiuling
2015Horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland for removal of high-loaded ibuprofen from wastewater under tropical climateLi, Yifei
 2012Nutrient removal in tropical subsurface flow constructed wetlands under batch and continuous flow conditionsGersberg, Richard M.; Zhang, Dong Qing; Tan, Soon Keat; Zhu, Junfei; Sadreddini, Sara; Li, Yifei
2014A review on removing pharmaceutical contaminants from wastewater by constructed wetlands : design, performance and mechanismLi, Yifei; Zhu, Guibing; Ng, Wun Jern; Tan, Soon Keat
2016Single-stage versus two-stage anaerobic fluidized bed bioreactors in treating municipal wastewater: Performance, foulant characteristics, and microbial communityWu, Bing; Li, Yifei; Lim, Weikang; Lee, Shi Lin; Guo, Qiming; Fane, Anthony G.; Liu, Yu