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2019Efficient oil/water separation membrane derived from super-flexible and superhydrophilic core–shell organic/inorganic nanofibrous architecturesLiu, Zhi; Qin, Detao; Zhao, Jianghui; Feng, Quan; Li, Zhengtao; Bai, Hongwei; Sun, Darren Delai
2019Fabrication of bioinspired super-hydrophilic nano-fibrous membrane for oil-water separation and directional water transportationLi, Zhengtao
 2021A facile method for the fast and accurate selection of a UF membrane for membrane bioreactorsLi, Zhengtao; Tio, Wee; Sun, Darren Delai
 2019Fine-tuning selective layer architecture of hydrogel membrane towards high separation performances for engineered osmosisQin, Detao; Liu, Zhaoyang; Bai, Hongwei; Song, Xiaoxiao; Li, Zhengtao; Sun, Darren Delai
 2018An ion exchange approach assembled multi-dimensional hierarchical Fe – TiO2 composite micro-/nano multi-shell hollow spheres for bacteria lysis through utilizing visible lightAng, Jeremy Koon Keong; Chua, Jestoni Song Mi; Chang, Zhong Jie; Li, Zhengtao; Bai, Hongwei; Sun, Darren Delai
2018Manta ray gill inspired radially distributed nanofibrous membrane for efficient and continuous oil–water separationLi, Zhengtao; Tan, Carl M.; Tio, Wee; Ang, Jeremy; Sun, Darren Delai