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 2018Achieving highly efficient electrocatalytic oxygen evolution with ultrathin 2D Fe-doped nickel thiophosphate nanosheetsLiang, Qinghua; Zhong, Lixiang; Du, Chengfeng; Luo, Yubo; Zheng, Yun; Li, Shuzhou; Yan, Qingyu
2018CoSe2-decorated NbSe2 nanosheets fabricated via cation exchange for Li storageZhang, Jianli; Du, Chengfeng; Zhao, Jin; Ren, Hao; Liang, Qinghua; Zheng, Yun; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Wang, Xin; Zhu, Junwu; Yan, Qingyu
 2017Enhancement of the thermoelectric performance of CuInTe2 via SnO2 in situ replacementLi, Weixin; Luo, Yubo; Zheng, Yun; Du, Chengfeng; Liang, Qinghua; Zhu, Beibei; Zhao, Lei
 2017Graphene-supported bimetal phosphorus trisulfides as novel 0D – 2D nanohybrid for high rate Li-ion storageDu, Cheng-Feng; Liang, Qinghua; Yan, Qingyu
 2018High thermoelectric performance in polycrystalline SnSe via dual‐doping with Ag/Na and nanostructuring with Ag8SnSe6Luo, Yubo; Cai, Songting; Hua, Xia; Chen, Haijie; Liang, Qinghua; Du, Chengfeng; Zheng, Yun; Shen, Junhua; Xu, Jianwei; Wolverton, Chris; Dravid, Vinayak P.; Yan, Qingyu; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
2019High-performance flexible quasi-solid-state zinc-ion batteries with layer-expanded vanadium oxide cathode and zinc/stainless steel mesh composite anodeZhao, Jin; Ren, Hao; Liang, Qinghua; Yuan, Du; Xi, Shibo; Wu, Chen; Manalastas, William, Jr.; Ma, Jianmin; Fang, Wei; Zheng, Yun; Du, Cheng-Feng; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Yan, Qingyu
2019Highly elastic binders incorporated with helical molecules to improve the electrochemical stability of black phosphorous anodes for sodium‐ion batteriesZhang, Hongwei; Lv, Zhisheng; Liang, Qinghua; Xia, Huarong; Zhu, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Wei; Ge, Xiang; Yuan, Pei; Yan, Qingyu; Chen, Xiaodong
2019Interfacing epitaxial dinickel phosphide to 2D nickel thiophosphate nanosheets for boosting electrocatalytic water splittingLiang, Qinghua; Zhong, Lixiang; Du, Chengfeng; Luo, Yubo; Zhao, Jin; Zheng, Yun; Xu, Jianwei; Ma, Jianmin; Liu, Chuntai; Li, Shuzhou; Yan, Qingyu
2019Inverse opal manganese dioxide constructed by few-layered ultrathin nanosheets as high-performance cathodes for aqueous zinc-ion batteriesRen, Hao; Zhao, Jin; Yang, Lan; Liang, Qinghua; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Yan, Qingyu
2018Layered trichalcogenidophosphate : a new catalyst family for water splittingDu, Cheng-Feng; Liang, Qinghua; Dangol, Raksha; Zhao, Jin; Ren, Hao; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Yan, Qingyu
 2018Mosaic-structured cobalt nickel thiophosphate nanosheets incorporated N-doped carbon for efficient and stable electrocatalytic water splittingLiang, Qinghua; Zhong, Lixiang; Du, Chengfeng; Zheng, Yun; Luo, Yubo; Xu, Jianwei; Li, Shuzhou; Yan, Qingyu
2019Nanostructured metallic transition metal carbides, nitrides, phosphides, and borides for energy storage and conversionDinh, Khang Ngoc; Liang, Qinghua; Du, Cheng-Feng; Zhao, Jin; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong; Mao, Hui; Yan, Qingyu
 2017N‐type SnSe2 oriented‐nanoplate‐based pellets for high thermoelectric performanceLuo, Yubo; Zheng, Yun; Luo, Zhongzhen; Hao, Shiqiang; Du, Chengfeng; Liang, Qinghua; Li, Zhong; Khor, Khiam Aik; Hippalgaonkar, Kedar; Xu, Jianwei; Yan, Qingyu; Wolverton, Chris; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.
 2019Scalable synthesis of a foam-like FeS2 nanostructure by a solution combustion-sulfurization process for high-capacity sodium-ion batteriesHu, Rudan; Zhao, Hongan; Zhang, Jianli; Liang, Qinghua; Wang, Yining; Guo, Bailing; Dangol, Raksha; Zheng, Yun; Yan, Qingyu; Zhu, Junwu
 2018Self‐assemble and in situ formation of Ni1 − xFexPS3 nanomosaic‐decorated MXene hybrids for overall water splittingDu, Cheng-Feng; Dinh, Khang Ngoc; Liang, Qinghua; Zheng, Yun; Luo, Yubo; Zhang, Jianli; Yan, Qingyu
2019Synergy of Nb doping and surface alloy enhanced on water–alkali electrocatalytic hydrogen generation performance in Ti‐based MXeneDu, Cheng‐Feng; Sun, Xiaoli; Yu, Hong; Liang, Qinghua; Dinh, Khang Ngoc; Zheng, Yun; Luo, Yubo; Wang, Zhiguo; Yan, Qingyu
2020Ultrathin amorphous nickel doped cobalt phosphates with highly ordered mesoporous structures as efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reactionYang, Lan; Ren, Hao; Liang, Qinghua; Dinh, Khang Ngoc; Dangol, Raksha; Yan, Qingyu