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2012Microfiber Fabry–Perot interferometer fabricated by taper-drawing technique and its application as a radio frequency interrogated refractive index sensorZhang, Jiejun; Sun, Qizhen; Liang, Ruibing; Wo, Jianghai; Liu, Deming; Shum, Perry Ping
2012Refractive index sensor using microfiber-based Mach-Zehnder interferometerSun, Qizhen; Liang, Ruibing; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming; Wo, Jianghai; Wang, Guanghui; Cui, Ying
2012Simultaneous wavelength and frequency encoded microstructure based quasi-distributed temperature sensorLi, Xiaolei; Sun, Qizhen; Liu, Duan; Liang, Ruibing; Zhang, Jiejun; Wo, Jianghai; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, Deming