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2020Creative corbel modeling using evolution principleZhang, Yuzhe; Ong, Wayne Chan Chi; Zheng, Jianmin; Lie, Seng-Tjhen
 2018Explicit frequency equations of free vibration of a nonlocal Timoshenko beam with surface effectsZhao, Hai-Sheng; Zhang, Yao; Lie, Seng-Tjhen
 2019Extracting mode shapes for beams through a passing auxiliary massZhang, Yao; Zhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen
 2018Fatigue assessment of cracked pipes with weld misalignment by using stress intensity factorsZhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen; Zhang, Yao
2018Fracture analysis of load-carrying cruciform fillet welded joints with multiple cracksLie, Seng-Tjhen; Zhao, Hai-Sheng
2018Fracture assessment of mismatched girth welds in oval-shaped clad pipes subjected to bending momentZhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen; Zhang, Yao
 2017Plastic collapse load prediction of cracked circular hollow section T/Y-joints under in-plane and out-of-plane bendingLi, Tao; Lie, Seng-Tjhen; Shao, Yong-Bo
 2018Strain-based J-estimation scheme for fracture assessment of misaligned clad pipelines with an interface crackZhao, Hai-Sheng; Lie, Seng-Tjhen; Zhang, Yao