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2011Differences in erythrocyte receptor specificity of different parts of the plasmodium falciparum reticulocyte binding protein homologue 2aPreiser, Peter Rainer; Karthigayan Gunalan; Gao, Xiaohong; Liew, Kingsley Jiin Liang
2010Global genomics analysis of the rodent malaria parasites Plasmodium Berghei, Plasmodium Chabaudi and Plasmodium Yoelii with emphasis on the identification of novel virulence factors in Plasmodium YoeliiLiew, Kingsley Jiin Liang
2013The role of serine-type serine repeat antigen in plasmodium yoelii blood stage developmentHuang, Ximei; Liew, Kingsley Jiin Liang; Natalang, Onguma; Siau, Anthony; Zhang, Neng; Preiser, Peter Rainer