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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Audit opinions for financially distressed firms : international perspective on the effect of audit specialization, investor protection, and financial reporting environmentLai, Wilson; Seah, Yun Ting; Tjin, Weiming
2005Auditor industry specialization and earnings quality around the world.Low, Kai Ling.; Poh, Ying Ying.; Tan, Valerie Mei Yin.
 2017Conditional conservatism and debt versus equity financingGoh, Beng Wee; Lim, Chee Yeow; Lobo, Gerald J.; Tong, Yen Hee
2002Corporate diversification and market performance : the role of discretionary accruals.Goh, Siew Lynn.; Lee, Adeline Sheng Ling.; Lui, Lay Yong.
2002Corporate focus and idiosyncratic volatility : evidence from equity carve-outs.Lim, Han Yee.; Peak, Wee Kiat.; Tay, Say Kwang.
2003Corporate focus and stock returns : evidence from M & AChua, Seow Kee; Eng, Sharon Kit Ching; Yong, Szu Yun
2003Corporate focus, aftermarket returns & earnings management : a study on IPO firms.Chua, Esther Ai Lin.; Sim, Kelly Jiali.; Lim, Serene Xiuling.
2006Corporate governance and audit processLim, Chee Yeow
2003Corporate governance and firm value : the Singapore evidenceHo, Joyce Huay Seann; Lai, Hui Kwan; Xu, Shuanghong
2006Corporate governance and its impact on the value-relevance of stock option expense.Kong, Shujing.; Lee, Jonathan Chee Chung.; Lim, Cai Hong.
2004Corporate governance and post merger performance.Chen, Raymond Yixian.; Fua, Chen Hao.
2005Discussion of investor protection, audit specialization, and analysts' forecast accuracy : an international study.Chze, Hwee Chian.; Phua, Hwee Ting.; Tan, Weini.
2003Does corporate diversification destroy value? further evidence from mergers and acquisitions in Singapore.Goh, Tze Ying.; Lim, Mei Khiun.
2002Earnings management : evidence from intial public offerings of equity carve-outs.Chua, Elizabeth Cheng Lian.; Koh, Cheryl Chea Lin.; Lee, Lian Fen.
2003Earnings management and stock market reaction : evidence from restating firms.Chiah, Hannah Yuen Sin.; Kuah, Ee Wen.; Poon, Chang Hong.
2002Earnings management and the long-run market performance : further evidence on equity carve-outsLee, Mei Xiang; Ong, Mabel Hwee Yue; Vimmala Sree Veerappan
2003Earnings management for Internet-stock related companiesBoon, Liyun; Chan, Liwen; Lee, Brenda Sook Ling
2004Effect of quality of corporate disclosure and board characteristics on analysts' forecasts.Lee, Miang Kear.; Loy, Kiet Ying.; Ng, Cheryl Ming Woon.
2006Empirical investigation of legal institution on underpricing : evidence from initial public offerings.Chng, Xue Ru.; Loy, Le Ting.; Teo, Johnny Kim Soon.
2005Essays in capital raising and idiosyncratic volatility : evidence from the life science IPOS.Chok, Ing Hwee.