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2015China’s Investments in Malaysia: Choosing the ‘Right’ PartnersLim, Guanie
2018Climbing the economic ladder : the role of outward foreign direct investmentLim, Guanie; Teo, Jie Khan
2014The Economic Geographies of AquacultureLim, Guanie; Neo, Harvey
2016Firm Entry Modes and Chinese Business Networks: Malaysian Investments in VietnamLim, Guanie
2014The Internationalisation of Mainland Chinese Firms into Malaysia: From Obligated Embeddedness to Active EmbeddednessLim, Guanie
 2020Introduction - Southeast Asia and the Belt and Road Initiative : the political economy of regionalism, trade, and infrastructureLiu, Hong; Tan, Kong Yam; Lim, Guanie
2016Managing Technological Development: A Study of Vietnam’s Telecommunication Goods IndustryLim, Guanie
2021Neo-liberalism, the rise of the unelected and policymaking in Thailand : the case of the medical tourism industryPitakdumrongkit, Kaewkamol; Lim, Guanie
2018The political economy of a rising China in Southeast Asia : Malaysia’s response to the belt and road initiativeLiu, Hong; Lim, Guanie
2017Public policy with Vietnamese characteristics: the case of the motorcycle industryLim, Guanie
2020Singapore engages the Belt and Road Initiative : perceptions, policies, and institutionsLiu, Hong; Fan, Xin; Lim, Guanie
2016Value Chain Upgrading: Evidence from the Singaporean Aquaculture IndustryLim, Guanie
2017What Do Malaysian Firms Seek in Vietnam?Lim, Guanie