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2016A four-dimensional snapshot hyperspectral video-endoscope for bio-imaging applicationsLim, Hoong-Ta; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke
2018Gold nanocages entering into the realm of high-contrast photoacoustic ocular imagingRaveendran, Sreejith; Lim, Hoong-Ta; Maekawa, Toru; Vadakke Matham, Murukeshan; Sakthi Kumar, D.
2014Hybrid-modality high-resolution Imaging: for diagnostic biomedical imaging and sensing for disease diagnosisMurukeshan, Vadakke M.; Lim, Hoong-Ta
2015Hybrid-modality ocular imaging using a clinical ultrasound system and nanosecond pulsed laserLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
 2022Hyperspectral vision based probe for in situ corrosion monitoring in saline environmentsAntony, Maria Merin; Sandeep, C. S. Suchand; Lim, Hoong-Ta; Vadakke Matham, Murukeshan
2015Instrumentation challenges of a pushbroom hyperspectral imaging system for currency counterfeit applicationsLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2014Lightweight mechanical amplifiers for rolled dielectric elastomer actuators and their integration with bio-inspired wing flappersLau, Gih-Keong; Lim, Hoong-Ta; Teo, Jing-Ying; Chin, Yao-Wei
2017Note: Design considerations and characterization of a flexible snapshot hyperspectral probeLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
2015Pushbroom hyperspectral imaging system with selectable region of interest for medical imagingLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukesham, Vadakke Matham
2017Snapshot hyperspectral imaging probe with principal component analysis and confidence ellipse for classificationLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham
2017Spatial calibration and image processing requirements of an image fiber bundle based snapshot hyperspectral imaging probe: From raw data to datacubeLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan Vadakke Matham
2016Spatial-scanning hyperspectral imaging probe for bio-imaging applicationsLim, Hoong-Ta; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham