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20193D printing of curved concrete surfaces using Adaptable Membrane FormworkLim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2017Additive manufacturing of geopolymer for sustainable built environmentPanda, Biranchi; Paul, Suvash Chandra; Lim, Jian Hui; Tay, Daniel Yi Wei; Tan, Ming Jen
2015Design and development of atypical multicopters with application to autonomous flyingLim, Jian Hui
2018Effect of fiber reinforced polymer on mechanical performance of 3D printed cementitious materialLim, Jian Hui; Li, Mingyang; Weng, Yiwei
2018Improving flexural characteristics of 3D printed geopolymer composites with in-process steel cable reinforcementLim, Jian Hui; Panda, Biranchi; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2021Investigation of novel 3D-printing methods for freeform constructionLim, Jian Hui
2018Large-scale 3D printing by a team of mobile robotsTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Zhang, Xu; Li, Mingyang; Lim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Pham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2019Mechanical properties and deformation behaviour of early age concrete in the context of digital constructionPanda, Biranchi; Lim, Jian Hui; Tan, Ming Jen
2016Robotic 3D-Printing for Building and ConstructionLim, Jian Hui; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Pham, Tien Hung
2021Stress-cognizant 3D printing of free-form concrete structuresLim, Jian Hui; Zhang, Xu; Ting, Andrew Guan Heng; Pham, Quang-Cuong