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2020CD4+ T cells mediate the development of liver fibrosis in high fat diet-induced NAFLD in humanized miceHer, Zhisheng; Tan, Joel Heng Loong; Lim, Yee-Siang; Tan, Sue Yee; Chan, Xue Ying; Tan, Wilson Wei Sheng; Liu, Min; Yong, Kylie Su Mei; Lai, Fritz; Ceccarello, Erica; Zheng, Zhiqiang; Fan, Yong; Chang, Kenneth Tou En; Sun, Lei; Chang, Shih Chieh; Chin, Chih-Liang; Lee, Guan Huei; Dan, Yock Young; Chan, Yun-Shen; Lim, Seng Gee; Chan, Jerry Kok Yen; Chandy, Kanianthara George; Chen, Qingfeng
 2013RPL39L is an example of a recently evolved ribosomal protein paralog that shows highly specific tissue expression patterns and is upregulated in ESCs and HCC tumorsWong, Queenie Wing-Lei; Li, Jia; Ng, Sheng Rong; Lim, Seng Gee; Yang, Henry; Vardy, Leah Karen Anne