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2022Finger stick blood test to assess postvaccination SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody response against variantsLim, Sing Mei; Cheng, Hoi Lok; Jia, Huan; Kongsuphol, Patthara; Bhuvaneshwari D/O Shunmuganathan; Chen, Ming Wei; Ng, Say Yong; Gao, Xiaohong; Turaga, Shuvan Prashant; Heussler, Sascha P.; Somani, Jyoti; Sengupta, Sharmila; Tay, Dousabel M. Y.; McBee, Megan E.; Young, Barnaby Edward; MacAry, Paul A.; Sikes, Hadley D.; Preiser, Peter Rainer
2015Structural & functional studies of L-PGDS and SMPDL3A enzymes in lipid signaling familyLim, Sing Mei