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2002Buoyant jet discharges in coastal watersLaw, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lim, Siow Yong.
2001Erosion below tidal sluice gateLim, Siow Yong.; Chiew, Yee Meng.
2005Near bed hydraulics and sediment transport in currents and wavesLim, Siow Yong.; Tan, Soon Keat.; Yu, Guoliang.
2003Probability distribution of bed particle instabilityCheng, Nian-Sheng; Law, Adrian Wing-Keung; Lim, Siow Yong.
2005To develop formula for discharge through sluice gates in reservoirsLim, Siow Yong.; Cheng, Nian Sheng.; Toh, Hong Seong.
2003Velocity distribution and sediment transport in two-stage channelLim, Siow Yong.; Yu, Guoliang.