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1995Financial reforms in Korea : a critical analysisHo, Su Fen; Lim, Wee Seng; Tan, Mui Khim
 2020Performance assessment in the commercial off-the-shelf receiver radio occultation mission on VELOX-CI satelliteLi, Bing-Xuan; Fang, Tzu-Wei; Han, Bo; Lim, Benjamin; Chandran, Amal; Lim, Wee Seng; Tsai, Yung-Fu
2017Performance Assessment of the Radio Occultation Experiment for Commercial off-the-shelf Receivers on VELOX-CI MicrosatelliteLi, Bing-Xuan; Han, Bo; Lim, Wee Seng; Tsai, Yung-Fu; Low, Kay-Soon