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2020Causal effects of landing parameters on runway occupancy time using causal machine learning modelsLim, Zhi Jun; Goh, Sim Kuan; Dhief, Imen; Alam, Sameer
2021Data-driven runway occupancy time prediction using decision treesChow, Hong Wei; Lim, Zhi Jun; Alam, Sameer
2016Development of micro flow control systemLim, Zhi Jun
2019Optimization of a coupled vane compressorLim, Zhi Jun
2020Speed control strategies for E-AMAN using holding detection-delay prediction modelDhief, Imen; Lim, Zhi Jun; Goh, Sim Kuan; Pham, Duc-Thinh; Alam, Sameer; Schultz, Michael
2021A tunnel Gaussian process model for learning interpretable flight’s landing parametersGoh, Sim Kuan; Lim, Zhi Jun; Alam, Sameer; Singh, Narendra Pratap
2006Value-at risk under normal assumption and extreme value theoryChng, Xun Jin; Lim, Zhi Jun; Yan, Han