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 2018Minimum structural requirements for BMP-2-binding of heparin oligosaccharidesSmith, Raymond A. A.; Murali, Sadasivam; Rai, Bina; Lu, Xiaohua; Lim, Zophia Xue Hui; Lee, Jaslyn J. L.; Nurcombe, Victor; Cool, Simon M.
 2019A polycaprolactone-β-tricalcium phosphate-heparan sulphate device for cranioplastyLe, Bach Quang; Rai, Bina; Lim, Zophia Xue Hui; Tan, Tuan Chun; Lin, Tingxuan; Lee, Jaslyn Jie Lin; Murali, Sadasivam; Teoh, Swee Hin; Nurcombe, Victor; Cool, Simon McKenzie