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2018Automatic generation of optimal reductions of distributionsMasopust, Tomáš; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong; Wonham, W. Murray
2014Automaton-based timed supervisory control for operational planning and scheduling under multiple job deadlinesLin, Liyong; Shehabinia, Ahmad Reza; Brandin, Bertil; Su, Rong.
2018An efficient method of matrix multiplication for heaps of piecesWare, Simon; Yang, Fajun; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong
 2022Identification of system vulnerability under a smart sensor attack via attack model reductionTai, Ruochen; Lin, Liyong; Su, Rong
2018Model checking in isomorphic module systemsWang, Weilin; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong; Gong, Chaohui
 2022Networked supervisor synthesis against lossy channels with bounded network delays as non-networked synthesisLin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Tai, Ruochen; Ware, Simon; Su, Rong
2022A new modeling framework for networked discrete-event systemsTai, Ruochen; Lin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
2021Supervisor synthesis for networked discrete event systems with delays against non-FIFO communication channelsZhu, Yuting; Lin, Liyong; Tai, Ruochen; Su, Rong
2021Supervisory control of time-interval discrete event systemsBrandin, Bertil; Su, Rong; Lin, Liyong
2017Symbolic reachability analysis and maximally permissive entrance control for globally synchronized templatesLin, Liyong; Stefanescu, Alin; Wang, Weilin; Su, Rong; Wonham, Walter Murray
2019Synchronous composition of finite interval automataLin, Liyong; Su, Rong; Brandin, Bertil A.; Ware, Simon; Zhu, Yuting; Sun, Yajuan
 2021Synthesis of covert actuator and sensor attackersLin, Liyong; Su, Rong
2021Synthesis of covert actuator and sensor attackers as supervisor synthesisLin, Liyong; Su, Rong
 2020Synthesis of covert actuator attackers for freeLin, Liyong; Zhu, Yuting; Su, Rong
2015Towards decentralized and parameterized supervisor synthesisLin, Liyong