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2017Confined wetting of water on CNT web patterned surfacesZhao, Yugang; Lin, Rongzhou; Tran, Tuan; Yang, Chun
2018Design and implementation of multi-walled carbon nanotube electrodes for electrochemical sensors and thermocellsLin, Rongzhou
 2015Hybrid fibers made of molybdenum disulfide, reduced graphene oxide, and multi-walled carbon nanotubes for solid-state, flexible, asymmetric supercapacitorsSun, Gengzhi; Chen, Peng; Zhang, Xiao; Lin, Rongzhou; Yang, Jian; Zhang, Hua
2017Paper/Carbon Nanotube-Based Wearable Pressure Sensor for Physiological Signal Acquisition and Soft Robotic SkinZhan, Zhaoyao; Lin, Rongzhou; Tran, Van-Thai; An, Jianing; Wei, Yuefan; Du, Hejun; Tran, Tuan; Lu, Wenqiang