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2020Modeling downward counterfactual events : unrealized disasters and why they matterLin, Yolanda C.; Jenkins, Susanna F.; Chow, Jun Rui; Biass, Sébastien; Woo, Gordon; Lallemant, David
 2019Multi-parameter stochastic inversion for first and second moment mass properties of a model-scale ship with topside ice accumulationLin, Yolanda C.; Earls, Christopher J.
2022Shedding light on avoided disasters: measuring the invisible benefits of disaster risk management using probabilistic counterfactual analysisRabonza, Maricar ; Lallemant, David; Lin, Yolanda C.; Tadepalli, Sanjana; Wagenaar, Dennis; Nguyen, Michele; Choong, Jeanette; Liu, Celine Jia Ni; Sarica, Gizem Mestav; Widawati, Bernadeti Ausie Miranda; Balbi, Mariano; Khan, Feroz; Loos, Sabine; Lim, Tian Ning