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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Almost minimax design of FIR filter using an IRLS algorithm without matrix inversionZhao, Ruijie; Lin, Zhiping; Toh, Kar-Ann; Sun, Lei; Lai, Xiaoping
 2018Almost tight rational coefficients biorthogonal wavelet filtersTay, David B. H.; Lin, Zhiping
2018An alternating variable technique for the constrained minimax design of frequency-response-masking filtersZhao, Ruijie; Lai, Xiaoping; Tay, David B. H.; Lin, Zhiping
 2012Analysis and design of unknown input observers for a class of 2-D nonlinear systemsWang, Lu; Xu, Huiling; Xu, Li; Lin, Zhiping
2018An analytic gabor feedforward network for single-sample and pose-invariant face recognitionOh, Beom-Seok; Toh, Kar-Ann; Teoh, Andrew Beng Jin; Lin, Zhiping
2019Augmented EMD for complex-valued univariate signalsOh, Beom-Seok; Zhuang, Huiping; Toh, Kar-Ann; Lin, Zhiping
 2018Biomedical image classification based on a cascade of an SVM with a reject option and subspace analysisLin, Dongyun; Sun, Lei; Toh, Kar-Ann; Zhang, Jing Bo; Lin, Zhiping
2019Biomedical image classification based on a feature concatenation and ensemble of deep CNNsNguyen, Long D.; Gao, Ruihan; Lin, Dongyun; Lin, Zhiping
 2019A class of IIR filters synthesized using frequency-response masking techniqueLiu, Qinglai; Lim, Yong Ching; Lin, Zhiping
2018Classification of non-tumorous skin pigmentation disorders using voting based probabilistic linear discriminant analysisLiang, Yunfeng; Sun, Lei; Ser, Wee; Lin, Feng; Thng, Steven Tien Guan; Chen, Qiping; Lin, Zhiping
 2012Coaxial power sensor calibration with adaptor by direct comparison transferCai, Yang; Shan, Yueyan; Lin, Zhiping; Neo, Hoon
2001Compression techniques for arbitrary support shapeNg, Wee Kok.
2002Contributions to nonstationary adaptive signal processing and time-varying sytem identificaionZheng, Yuanjin.
2018Correntropy based graph regularized concept factorization for clusteringPeng, Siyuan; Ser, Wee; Chen, Badong; Sun, Lei; Lin, Zhiping
2018Deep CNNs for microscopic image classification by exploiting transfer learning and feature concatenationNguyen, Long D.; Lin, Dongyun; Lin, Zhiping; Cao, Jiuwen
2007Design of finite impulse response filters with reduced group delays and active/robust array beamformersLiu, Yongzhi
2019Design of pipelined IIR filters using two-stage frequency-response masking techniqueLiu, Qinglai; Lim, Yong Ching; Lin, Zhiping
 2012The detection bound of the probability of error in compressed sensing using Bayesian approachCao, Jiuwen; Lin, Zhiping
 2018Deterministic construction of sparse binary matrices via incremental integer optimizationZhang, Jun; Yu, Zhu Liang; Cen, Ling; Gu, Zhenghui; Lin, Zhiping; Li, Yuanqing
2013Direct comparison transfer of microwave power sensor calibration with an adaptor : modeling and evaluationLin, Zhiping; Zhang, Qian.; Meng, Yu Song.; Shan, Yueyan.