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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20063D prostate surface detection from utrasound imagesShao, Fan
20215G positioning using code-phase timing recoveryJin, Chengming; Bajaj, Ian; Zhao, Kai; Tay, Wee Peng; Ling, Keck Voon
2000Automatic prostate boundary recognition in ultrasound imagesWu, Ruoyun.
1998Automatic tuning of predictive control for motion control applicationsLee, Wing Foon.
2017Banded null basis and ADMM for embedded MPCDang, Thuy V; Ling, Keck Voon; Maciejowski, Jan
2000Character recognition and inspectionPang, Yuen Lai.
2019A clusterized energy management with linearized losses in the presence of multiple types of distributed generationRigo-Mariani, Rémy; Ling, Keck Voon; Maciejowski, Jan
2015A comparison of interior point and active set methods for FPGA implementation of model predictive controlLau, Mark S. K.; Yue, Siew Peng; Ling, Keck Voon; Maciejowski, Jan M.
1999Compensation methods for magnetic 6D trackers in augmented reality systemTian, Xia.
2019Covariance analysis of LAV robust dynamic state estimation in power systemsSun, Lu; Chen, Tengpeng; Ho, Weng Khuen; Ling, Keck Voon; Maciejowski, Jan M.
2004Design and development of a compact auto-molding machineWang, Xiaoyang.
2001Development and QOS of interactive network applicationsCheng, Tee Hiang; Ling, Keck Voon; Chiam, Tee Chye; Subramanian, Krishnappa R.; Bose, Sanjay Kumar; Dong, Xuanming; Tan, Teong Yee; Zhu, Lin
2004Development of a FPGA-based closed-loop control systemMa, Haitao
2004Development of a reconfigurable embedded wireless controllerChen, Kang.
2017Distributed State Estimation Using a Modified Partitioned Moving Horizon Strategy for Power SystemsChen, Tengpeng; Chen, Xuebing; Foo, Eddy Yi Shyh; Ling, Keck Voon
1998Elevator control using sequential function chartGurusamy Perumalsamy.
2008Embedded model predictive control on a microcontrollerSu, Yong Yao.
2008Evaluation of a microcontroller software for liquid crystal display moduleOng, Ai Lian.
2014Filtering of the ARMAX process with generalized t -distribution noise : the influence function approachHo, Weng Khuen; Ling, Keck Voon; Vu, Hoang Dung; Wang, Xiaoqiong
 2011FPGA based wireless sensor node for distributed process monitoringLing, Keck Voon; Goh, K. M.; Ong, S. H.; Joe, Y. Y.; Kusolpalin, P.; Moh, W. P.