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2022All news is not the same: divergent effects of news platforms on civic and political participationKim, Nuri; Duffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Rich
2019Appropriation of mobile health for diabetes self-management : lessons from two qualitative studiesBrew-Sam, Nicola; Karnowski, Veronika; Joeckel, Sven; Chib, Arul; Rossmann, Constanze; Riesmeyer, Claudia; Ling, Rich
2021Covert resistance beyond #Metoo : mobile practices of marginalized migrant women to negotiate sexual harassment in the workplacePei, Xin; Chib, Arul; Ling, Rich
2018Digital disparities and vulnerability : mobile phone use, information behaviour, and disaster preparedness in Southeast AsiaLai, Chih-Hui; Chib, Arul; Ling, Rich
2018Mobile phones and patient referral in Thai rural healthcare : a structuration viewLing, Rich; Poorisat, Thanomwong; Chib, Arul
 2020News : mobiles, mobilities and their meeting pointsDuffy, Andrew; Ling, Rich; Kim, Nuri; Tandoc, Edson C.; Westlund, Oscar
2017The people have spoken (the bastards?) : finding a legitimate place for feedback in the journalistic fieldDuffy, Andrew; Ling, Rich; Tandoc Jr., Edson C.
2019A tripartite model of trust in Facebook : acceptance of information personalization, privacy concern, and privacy literacyRosenthal, Sonny; Wasenden, Ole-Christian; Gronnevet, Gorm-Andreas; Ling, Rich
2018Understanding tie strength in social networks using a local “bow tie” frameworkMattie, Heather; Engø-Monsen, Kenth; Ling, Rich; Onnela, Jukka-Pekka
2015The use of mobile phones among trishaw operators in MyanmarLing, Rich; Aricat, Rajiv George; Oreglia, Elisa; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Lwin, May Oo