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2018The application of silica and glass fibers in effective thermoinsulation of winter apparelsYang, Guang; Liu, Xueyang; Lipik, Vitali
 2016Complex coacervates of oppositely charged co-polypeptides inspired by the sandcastle worm glueZhang, Lihong; Lipik, Vitali; Miserez, Ali
2018Evaluation of silica aerogel-reinforced polyurethane foams for footwear applicationsYang, Guang; Liu, Xueyang; Lipik, Vitali
 2013Hyaluronic acid-based nanocomposite hydrogels for ocular drug delivery applicationsWidjaja, Leonardus Kresna; Bora, Meghali; Chan, Paul Ng Poh Huat; Lipik, Vitali; Wong, Tina T. L.; Venkatraman, Subbu S.
 2014Synthesis of biomimetic co-polypeptides with tunable degrees of phosphorylationLipik, Vitali; Zhang, Lihong; Miserez, Ali