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2021Compact, hybrid III-V/silicon Vernier laser diode operating from 1955-1992 nmSia, Brian Jia Xu; Li, Xiang; Wang, Wanjun; Qiao, Zhongliang; Guo, Xin; Wang, Jiawei; Littlejohns, Callum George; Liu, Chongyang; Reed, Graham T.; Ang, Kian Siong; Wang, Hong
2018Experimental demonstration of thermally tunable Fano and EIT resonances in coupled resonant system on SOI platformLittlejohns, Callum George; Zhang, Zecen; Ng, Geok Ing; Hu, Ting; Qiu, Haodong; Guo, Xin; Wang, Wanjun; Liu, Chongyang; Sia, Jiaxu; Zhou, Jin; Nedeljkovic, Milos; Reed, Graham T.; Wang, Hong; Mohamed Saïd Rouifed
2018High-speed silicon modulators for the 2  μm wavelength bandCao, Wei; Hagan, David; Thomson, David J.; Nedeljkovic, Milos; Knights, Andy; Wang, Junjia; Gardes, Frederic; Zhang, Weiwei; Liu, Shenghao; Li, Ke; Xin, Guo; Wang, Wanjun; Wang, Hong; Reed, Graham T.; Mashanovich, Goran Z.; Littlejohns, Callum George; Shaif-Ul Alam; Mohamed Said Rouifed
2017Ion implantation in silicon to facilitate testing of photonic circuitsReed, Graham T.; Milosevic, Milan M.; Chen, Xia; Cao, Wei; Littlejohns, Callum George; Wang, Hong; Khokhar, Ali Z.; Thomson, David J.
2018Mid-infrared sensor based on a suspended microracetrack resonator with lateral subwavelength-grating metamaterial claddingMohamed Said Rouifed; Liu, Chongyang; Sia, Jiaxu; Zhou, Jin; Littlejohns, Callum George; Reed, Graham T.; Wang, Hong; Zhang, Zecen; Ng, Geok Ing; Hu, Ting; Qiu, Haodong; Guo, Xin; Wang, Wanjun
2020Nonconservative coupling in a passive silicon microring resonatorDu, H.; Zhang, X.; Littlejohns, Callum George; Tran, D. T.; Yan, X.; Banakar, M.; Wei, C.; Thomson, D. J.; Reed, G. T.
2016Silicon-based MZI modulator for MIR wavelengthsRouifed, Mohamed-Said; Littlejohns, Callum George; Hu, Ting; Liu, Chongyong; Wang, Hong
2019Silicon-on-insulator free-carrier injection modulators for the mid-infraredNedeljkovic, Milos; Littlejohns, Callum George; Khokhar, Ali Z.; Banakar, Mehdi; Cao, Wei; Penades, Jordi Soler; Tran, David T.; Gardes, Frederic Y.; Thomson, David J.; Reed, Graham T.; Wang, Hong; Mashanovich, Goran Z.