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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Band gap opening of graphene by doping small boron nitride domainsFan, Xiaofeng; Shen, Zexiang; Kuo, Jer-Lai; Liu, A. Q.
 2012Double-layer hepatocyte tumor co-culture using hydrogel for drug effectivity and specificity analysisLuo, K. Q.; Park, W.; Tsai, J.; Liu, A. Q.; Chin, Lip Ket; Je, Minkyu; Kwong, Dim Lee
2014Droplet optofluidic imaging for λ-bacteriophage detection via co-culture with host cell Escherichia coliYu, J. Q.; Huang, W.; Chin, L. K.; Lei, L.; Lin, Z. P.; Ser, W.; Chen, H.; Ayi, T. C.; Yap, P. H.; Chen, C. H.; Liu, A. Q.
 2012Fast localized single cell membrane poration by bubble-induced jetting flowLi, Z. G.; Ohl, C. D.; Zhang, J. B.; Tsai, J.; Liu, A. Q.
2012Micromachined switchable metamaterial with dual resonanceLiu, A. Q.; Zhu, W. M.; Li, E. P.; Tanoto, H.; Wu, Q. Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, X. H.; Tsai, M. L. J.; Teng, Jing Hua; Lo, Guo-Qing; Kwong, Dim Lee
 2012Micromachined tunable metamaterials : a reviewZheludev, Nikolay I.; Liu, A. Q.; Zhu, W. M.; Tsai, D. P.
 2012A nano-actuator via cavity-enhanced optical dipole forceTao, J. F.; Wu, J.; Cai, H.; Zhang, Q. X.; Kun, X.; Tsai, J. M.; Liu, A. Q.; Kwong, Dim Lee.
2012Nano-opto-mechanical actuator driven by gradient optical forceCai, H.; Xu, K. J.; Liu, A. Q.; Fang, Q.; Yu, M. B.; Lo, Guo-Qing.; Kwong, Dim Lee.
 2012Nano-optofluidics for single molecule detection and sortingYang, Y.; Tsai, J. M.; Liu, A. Q.; Kwong, Dim Lee.
2012A nanomachined optical logic gate driven by gradient optical forceTao, J. F.; Wu, J.; Cai, H.; Zhang, Q. X.; Tsai, J. M.; Lin, J. T.; Liu, A. Q.
2015A nanomachined tunable oscillator controlled by electrostatic and optical forceHuang, J. G.; Dong, B.; Cai, H.; Gu, Y. D.; Wu, J. H.; Chen, T. N.; Yang, Z. C.; Jin, Y. F.; Hao, Y. L.; Kwong, D. L.; Liu, A. Q.
2014Nanoparticles sorting and assembly based on double-axicon in an optofluidic chipShi, Y. Z.; Xiong, S.; Chin, L. K.; Ren, M.; Liu, A. Q.
 2012Narrow-linewidth tunable lasers with retro-reflective external cavityWang, Ning; Feng, Ming; Feng, Zhiqing; Lam, Man Ying; Gao, Lei; Chen, Bo; Liu, A. Q.; Tsang, Yuen Hong; Zhang, Xuming
 2013An on-chip opto-mechanical accelerometerDong, Bin; Kwong, Dim Lee; Cai, H.; Tsai, J. M.; Liu, A. Q.
2012Optical-force-induced bistability in nanomachined ring resonator systemsBourouina, Tarik; Yu, Y. F.; Zhang, J. B.; Liu, A. Q.
 2012Polarization selective tunable filter via tuning of Fano resonances in MEMS switchable metamaterialsTeng, Jing Hua; Bourouina, Tarik; Lo, Guo-Qing; Kwong, Dim Lee; Zhu, W. M.; Zhang, X. H.; Tsai, J. M.; Wu, Q. Y.; Tanoto, H.; Guo, H. C.; Liu, A. Q.
2014A pseudo-planar metasurface for a polarization rotatorChia, Elbert E. M.; Zhang, W.; Zhu, W. M.; Shen, Z. X.; Cai, H.; Gu, Y. D.; Ser, W.; Liu, A. Q.
 2012A study of cancer cell metastasis using microfluidic transmigration deviceFu, Yi; Bourouina, Tarik; Kwong, Dim Lee; Vandongen, A. M. J.; Park, W. T.; Je, M. Y.; Tsai, J. M.; Liu, A. Q.
 2013Thz polarizer using tunable metamaterialsLo, Guo-Qing.; Kwong, Dim Lee.; Zhang, W.; Zhu, W. M.; Tsai, J. M.; Li, E. P.; Liu, A. Q.
 2012Transformation optofluidics for large-angle light bending and tuningZheludev, Nikolay I.; Yang, Y.; Tsai, J. M.; Tsai, D. P.; Liu, A. Q.; Chin, Lip Ket