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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Analytical and experimental study of flat plate heat pipesQin, Wei
1992Analytical and numerical study of the flow of working fluid in heat pipesLi, Hui Min
1986Design and construction of a non-toxic and non-corrosive aerosol generator for sealed containment system studyLiu, Chang Yu; Ying, Wei Ming
1985Design and construction of precision-twin resistance probe manometerLiu, Chang Yu; Ng, Kok Loon
1993Design of a closed circuit pump test rig for the investigation of cavitation and cavitation erosionChan, Weng Kong; Liu, Chang Yu
1998Development of a compact PCB cooling system comprising a flexible bellow and a closed two phase thermosyphonLee, Boon Liang
1990Development of a depth meter with automatic temperature compensationLiu, Chang Yu; Wong, Yew Wah; Chan, Weng Kong
1989Development of a digital liquid flowmeterLiu, Chang Yu; Ng, Kok Loon
1996Development of a rotameter with electrical outputLiu, Chang Yu; Lua, Aik Chong
1995Development of a technique for thermal visualisation of heat transfer from fins using laser holographic interferometryLeong, Kai Choong; Liu, Chang Yu; Tam, Siu Chung; Toh, Kok Chuan; Tso, Chih Ping
1988Development of a testing facility for assessment of cooling tower performanceTou, Stephen Kwok Woon; Liu, Chang Yu; Chu, Humphrey
1994Development of new sorbents/catalysts for air pollution control using urban refuseLu, Max Gao Qing; Liu, Chang Yu; Lua, Aik Chong
1996Development of novel fluidic flowmeters based on fluid oscillations phenomenonLua, Aik Chong; Liu, Chang Yu; Chan, Weng Kong
2000Development of techniques for making an X-wire probe and building a data acquisition system to process the X-wire signalsChua, Leok Poh; Liu, Chang Yu
1992Development of techniques for making hot-wire probes and a portable hot-wire calibration deviceChua, Leok Poh; Liu, Chang Yu
1998Effects of burning emulsified fuels in steam boilerLow, Jeffrey Chew Fong; Liu, Chang Yu; Ng, Kok Loon
1998Experimental investigation of pulsating and rotating flowsYu, Simon Ching Man; Liu, Chang Yu; Chan, W. K.; Yeo, Joon Hock
1991Finite element modelling of tidal flow in Johor StraitsTou, Stephen Kwok Woon; Liu, Chang Yu
1997Flowfield investigation of a bi-leaflet heart valveLiu, Chang Yu; Yeo, Tony Joon Hock
1999Investigation of wake structure behind an axially rotating flow fieldChan, Weng Kong; Ooi, Kim Tiow; Huang, Xiaoyang; Ng, Yin Kwee; Liu, Chang Yu