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 2013Argon plasma reduced Pt nanocatalysts supported on carbon nanotube for aqueous phase benzyl alcohol oxidationZhou, Chunmei; Chen, Hong; Yan, Yibo; Jia, Xinli; Liu, Chang-jun; Yang, Yanhui
 2012Formation of monometallic Au and Pd and bimetallic Au–Pd nanoparticles confined in mesopores via Ar glow-discharge plasma reduction and their catalytic applications in aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcoholYang, Yanhui; Jia, Xinli; Zhang, Hua; Zhou, Chunmei; Chen, Yuanting; Wang, Houpeng; Liu, Chang-jun; Zeng, Zhiyuan
 2012Nanoporous platinum grown on nickel foam by facile plasma reduction with enhanced electro-catalytic performanceZhou, Chunmei; Wang, Xin; Jia, Xinli; Wang, Houpeng; Liu, Chang-jun; Yang, Yanhui