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2022Bringing AI to edge : from deep learning's perspectiveLiu, Di; Kong, Hao; Luo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Weichen; Subramaniam, Ravi
2014c-Abl, an accomplice in mutant p53 gain-of-function?Liu, Di
2021Designing efficient DNNs via hardware-aware neural architecture search and beyondLuo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Di; Huai, Shuo; Kong, Hao; Chen, Hui; Liu, Weichen
2021EDLAB : a benchmark for edge deep learning acceleratorsKong, Hao; Huai, Shuo; Liu, Di; Zhang, Lei; Chen, Hui; Zhu, Shien; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen; Rastogi, Manu; Subramaniam, Ravi; Athreya, Madhu; Lewis, M. Anthony
2022HACScale : hardware-aware compound scaling for resource-efficient DNNsKong, Hao; Liu, Di; Luo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Weichen; Subramaniam, Ravi
2021HSCoNAS : hardware-software co-design of efficient DNNs via neural architecture searchLuo, Xiangzhong; Liu, Di; Huai, Shuo; Liu, Weichen
 2020Insights into the mechanism and regulation of the CbbQO-type Rubisco activase, a MoxR AAA+ ATPaseTsai, Candace Yi-Chin; Ye, Fuzhou; Liew, Lynette; Liu, Di; Bhushan, Shashi; Gao, Yong-Gui; Mueller-Cajar, Oliver
2021Optimized data reuse via reordering for sparse matrix-vector multiplication on FPGAsLi, Shiqing; Liu, Di; Liu, Weichen
2021Partial order based non-preemptive communication scheduling towards real-time networks-on-chipChen, Peng; Chen, Hui; Zhou, Jun; Liu, Di; Li, Shiqing; Liu, Weichen; Chang, Wanli; Guan, Nan
2019The role of the adaptor protein CbbO in the Rubisco activation system of chemoautotrophic bacteriaLiu, Di
2021ZeroBN : learning compact neural networks for latency-critical edge systemsHuai, Shuo; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Di; Liu, Weichen; Subramaniam, Ravi