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 2011Co-seismic and cumulative offsets of the recent earthquakes along the Karakax left-lateral strike-slip fault in western TibetLi, Haibing; Van der Woerd, Jérôme; Sun, Zhiming; Si, Jialiang; Tapponnier, Paul; Pan, Jiawei; Liu, Dongliang; Chevalier, Marie-Luce
 2019Novel methodology of non-probabilistic reliability-based topology optimization (NRBTO) for multi-material layout design via interval and convex mixed uncertaintiesWang, Lei; Liu, Dongliang; Yang, Yaowen; Hu, Juxi
 2019A novel reliability-based topology optimization framework for the concurrent design of solid and truss-like material structures with unknown-but-bounded uncertaintiesWang, Lei; Liang, Jinxiong; Liu, Dongliang; Chen, Wenpin