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2019Achieving amorphous ultralong room temperature phosphorescence by coassembling planar small organic molecules with polyvinyl alcoholWu, Hongwei; Chi, Weijie; Chen, Zhao; Liu, Guofeng; Gu, Long; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Yang, Guangbao; Liu, Xiaogang; Zhao, Yanli 
2022Albumin-based therapeutics capable of glutathione consumption and hydrogen peroxide generation for synergetic chemodynamic and chemotherapy of cancerYang, Guangbao; Wang, Dongdong; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Qian, Cheng; Zheng, Rui; Cheng, Liang; Liu, Guofeng; Wu, Hongwei; Liu, Zhuang; Zhao, Yanli
 2018Control on dimensions and supramolecular chirality of self-assemblies through light and metal ionsLiu, Guofeng; Sheng, Jianhui; Teo, Wei Liang; Yang, Guangbao; Wu, Hongwei; Li, Yongxin; Zhao, Yanli
 2018Controlling supramolecular chirality of two-component hydrogels by J-and H-aggregation of building blocksLiu, Guofeng; Sheng, Jianhui; Wu, Hongwei; Yang, Chaolong; Yang, Guangbao; Li, Yongxin; Ganguly, Rakesh; Zhu, Liangliang; Zhao, Yanli
 2017Helicity inversion of supramolecular hydrogels induced by achiral substituentsLiu, Guofeng; Li, Xin; Sheng, Jianhui; Li, Pei-Zhou; Ong, Wee Kong; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Ågren, Hans; Zhu, Liangliang; Zhao, Yanli
2019A hypoxia-responsive albumin-based nanosystem for deep tumor penetration and excellent therapeutic efficacyYang, Guangbao; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Zhang, Rui; Feng, Liangzhu; Liu, Guofeng; Wu, Hongwei; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Jana, Deblin; Liu, Zhuang; Zhao, Yanli
 2020Linkage engineering by harnessing supramolecular interactions to fabricate 2D hydrazone-linked covalent organic framework platforms toward advanced catalysisQian, Cheng; Zhou, Weiqiang; Qiao, Jingsi; Wang, Dongdong; Li, Xing; Teo, Wei Liang; Shi, Xiangyan; Wu, Hongwei; Di, Jun; Wang, Hou; Liu, Guofeng; Gu, Long; Liu, Jiawei; Feng, Lili; Liu, Yuchuan; Quek, Su Ying; Loh, Kian Ping; Zhao, Yanli
2019Structural engineering of luminogens with high emission efficiency both in solution and in the solid stateWu, Hongwei; Chen, Zhao; Chi, Weijie; Bindra, Anivind Kaur; Gu, Long; Qian, Cheng; Wu, Bing; Yue, Bingbing; Liu, Guofeng; Yang, Guangbao; Zhu, Liangliang; Zhao, Yanli
2017Switching between phosphorescence and fluorescence controlled by chiral self-assemblyLiu, Guofeng; Zhao, Yanli
2018Ultralong room temperature phosphorescence from amorphous organic materials toward confidential information encryption and decryptionPhua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Su, Yan; Li, Youbing; Zhou, Xianju; Jana, Deblin; Liu, Guofeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Ong, Wee Kong; Yang, Chaolong; Zhao, Yanli
2017Unexpected right-handed helical nanostructures co-assembled from l -phenylalanine derivatives and achiral bipyridinesLiu, Guofeng; Liu, Jinying; Feng, Chuanliang; Zhao, Yanli
2018Versatile bimetallic lanthanide metal-organic frameworks for tunable emission and efficient fluorescence sensingSu, Yan; Yu, Junhong; Li, Youbing; Phua, Fiona Soo Zeng; Liu, Guofeng; Lim, Wei Qi; Yang, Xiaozhan; Ganguly, Rakesh; Dang, Cuong; Yang, Chaolong; Zhao, Yanli