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 2004The impact of etch-stop layer for borderless contacts on deep submicron CMOS device performance : a comparative studyLiao, H.; Goh, L. N. L.; Liu, H.; Sudijono, J. L.; Elgin, Q.; Sanford, C.; Lee, Pooi See
2015Multi-point laser coherent detection system and its application on vibration measurementFu, Y.; Yang, C.; Xu, Y. J.; Liu, H.; Yan, K.; Guo, M.
 2013Synthesis of ZnS:Ni nanocrystals (NCs) using a rapid microwave activated method and investigation of the structural and optical propertiesMolaei, M.; Karimimaskon, F.; Lotfiani, A.; Samadpour, M.; Liu, H.