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 2020Biocarbonation of reactive magnesia for soil improvementYang, Yang; Ruan, Shaoqin; Wu, Shifan; Chu, Jian; Unluer, Cise; Liu, Hanlong; Cheng, Liang
 2018Effects of asphalt overlay on XCC pile-supported embankment vibration from a moving vehicleYin, Feng; Zhou, Hang; Liu, Hanlong; Chu, Jian
 2019Numerical simulation of XCC pile penetration in undrained clayZhou, Hang; Liu, Hanlong; Yuan, Jingrong; Chu, Jian
 2019Particle breakage and energy dissipation of carbonate sands under quasi-static and dynamic compressionXiao, Yang; Yuan, Zhengxin; Chu, Jian; Liu, Hanlong; Huang, Junyu; Luo, Shengnian; Wang, Shun; Lin, Jia
2019Research advances and challenges in biogeotechnologiesHe, Jia; Chu, Jian; Gao, Yufeng; Liu, Hanlong
 2019Seepage control in sand using bioslurryYang, Yang; Chu, Jian; Xiao, Yang; Liu, Hanlong; Cheng, Liang
2019State-of-the-art review of soft computing applications in underground excavationsZhang, Wengang; Zhang, Runhong; Wu, Chongzhi; Goh, Anthony Teck Chee; Lacasse, Suzanne; Liu, Zhongqiang; Liu, Hanlong
2016Testing and modeling of rockfill materials : a reviewXiao, Yang; Liu, Hong; Zhang, Wengang; Liu, Hanlong; Yin, Feng; Wang, Youyu
 2018Upper and lower bound solutions for pressure-controlled cylindrical and spherical cavity expansion in semi-infinite soilZhou, Hang; Liu, Hanlong; Yin, Feng; Chu, Jian