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2020Airborne collision evaluation between drone and aircraft engine : effects of position and posture on damage of fan bladesLiu, Hu; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Ng, Bing Feng; Low, Kin Huat
2021Airborne collision severity study on engine ingestion caused by harmless-categorized dronesLiu, Hu; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Ng, Bing Feng ; Low, Kin Huat 
2019The characteristics and formation mechanisms of emissions from thermal decomposition of 3D printer polymer filamentsDing, Shirun; Ng, Bing Feng; Shang, Xiaopeng; Liu, Hu; Lu, Xuehong; Wan, Man Pun
2020Collision probability between intruding drone and commercial aircraft in airport restricted area based on collision-course trajectory planningZhang, Na; Liu, Hu; Ng, Bing Feng; Low, Kin Huat
2021Collision severity evaluation of generalized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) impacting on aircraft enginesSivakumar, Anush Kumar; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Liu, Hu; Low, Kin Huat
2021Crashworthiness improvements of multi-cell thin-walled tubes through lattice structure enhancementsLiu, Hu; Chng, Caleb Zheng Xian; Wang, Guanjian; Ng, Bing Feng
2022Dynamic response of density-graded foam subjected to soft impactLiu, Hu; Ng, Bing Feng
2019Impact response and energy absorption of functionally graded foam under temperature gradient environmentLiu, Hu; Ding, Shirun; Ng, Bing Feng
2022In-plane crushing behavior and energy absorption of a novel graded honeycomb from hierarchical architectureLiu, Hu; Zhang, Ee Teng; Wang, Guangjian; Ng, Bing Feng
2021In-plane dynamic crushing of a novel honeycomb with functionally graded fractal self-similarityLiu, Hu; Zhang, Ee Teng; Ng, Bing Feng
 2021Nonlinear dynamics of two-directional functionally graded microbeam with geometrical imperfection using unified shear deformable beam theoryLiu, Hu; Zhang, Qiao
 2019Nonlinear free vibration of geometrically imperfect functionally graded sandwich nanobeams based on nonlocal strain gradient theoryLiu, Hu; Lv, Zheng; Wu, Han
2021Novel arc-shaped ligaments to enhance energy absorption capabilities of re-entrant anti-trichiral structuresZhang, Ee Teng; Liu, Hu; Ng, Bing Feng
2020Preliminary evaluation of thrust loss in commercial aircraft engine due to airborne collision with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Liu, Hu; Ng, Bing Feng; Low, Kin Huat
2021UAV airborne collision to manned aircraft engine : damage of fan blades and resultant thrust lossLiu, Hu; Mohd Hasrizam Che Man; Low, Kin Huat
2023UAV collision risk assessment in terminal restricted area by heatmap representationZhang, Na; Liu, Hu; Low, Kin Huat