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2014Chiral bicyclic guanidine-catalysed conjugate addition of α-fluoro-β-ketoesters to cyclic enonesJing, Zhenzhong; Liu, Jin; Chin, Kek Foo; Chen, Wenchao; Tan, Choon-Hong; Jiang, Zhiyong
2006Combining transmitter beamforming and space-time block codes in slow rayleigh flat fading channelsLiu, Jin
2015Modelling of a three (single)-phase two-stage inversion power supplyLiu, Jin
2016Predicting allosteric effects from orthosteric binding in Hsp90-ligand interactions : implications for fragment-based drug designChandramohan, Arun; Krishnamurthy, Srinath; Larsson, Andreas; Nordlund, Paer; Jansson, Anna; Anand, Ganesh S.
2020Robust room temperature valley Hall effect of interlayer excitonsHuang, Zumeng; Liu, Yuanda; Dini, Kévin; Tan, Qinghai; Liu, Zhuojun; Fang, Hanlin; Liu, Jin; Liew, Timothy; Gao, Weibo
2019Room temperature nanocavity laser with interlayer excitons in 2D heterostructuresLiu, Yuanda; Fang, Hanlin; Abdullah Rasmita; Zhou, Yu; Li, Juntao; Yu, Ting; Xiong, Qihua; Zheludev, Nikolay; Liu, Jin; Gao, Weibo