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2018Graphene quantum dot engineered nickel-cobalt phosphide as highly efficient bifunctional catalyst for overall water splittingTian, Jingqi; Chen, Jie; Liu, Jiyang; Tian, Qinghua; Chen, Peng
2021Graphene quantum dots assisted exfoliation of atomically-thin 2D materials and as-formed 0D/2D van der Waals heterojunction for HERGong, Jun; Zhang, Zheye; Zeng, Zhiping; Wang, Wenjun; Kong, Linguxan; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2017Graphene quantum dots based fluorescence turn-on nanoprobe for highly sensitive and selective imaging of hydrogen sulfide in living cellsLi, Nan; Than, Aung; Chen, Jie; Xi, Fengna; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2019Improved adhesion and performance of vertically-aligned mesoporous silica-nanochannel film on reduced graphene oxide for direct electrochemical analysis of human serumXi, Fengna; Xuan, Lingli; Lu, Lili; Huang, Jie; Yan, Fei; Liu, Jiyang; Dong, Xiaoping; Chen, Peng
2018Nanochannel-confined graphene quantum dots for ultrasensitive electrochemical analysis of complex samplesLu, Lili; Zhou, Lin; Chen, Jie; Yan, Fei; Liu, Jiyang; Dong, Xiaoping; Xi, Fengna; Chen, Peng
2018Quasi-homogeneous carbocatalysis for one-pot selective conversion of carbohydrates to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using sulfonated graphene quantum dotsLi, Kaixin; Chen, Jie; Yan, Yibo; Min, Yonggang; Li, Haopeng; Xi, Fengna; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2019Recent advances on graphene quantum dots : from chemistry and physics to applicationsYan, Yibo; Gong, Jun; Chen, Jie; Zeng, Zhiping; Huang, Wei; Pu, Kanyi; Liu, Jiyang; Chen, Peng
2022A silk-microneedle patch to detect glucose in the interstitial fluid of skin or plant tissueZheng, Lewen; Zhu, Dan Dan; Wang, Wenjun; Liu, Jiyang; Thng, Steven Tien Guan; Chen, Peng
2017Simultaneous label-free and pretreatment-free detection of heavy metal ions in complex samples using electrodes decorated with vertically ordered silica nanochannelsCheng, Bowen; Zhou, Lin; Lu, Lili; Liu, Jiyang; Dong, Xiaoping; Xi, Fengna; Chen, Peng
2018Systematic bandgap engineering of graphene quantum dots and applications for photocatalytic water splitting and Co2 reductionYan, Yibo; Chen, Jie; Li, Nan; Tian, Jingqi; Li, Kaixin; Jiang, Jizhou; Liu, Jiyang; Tian, Qinghua; Chen, Peng