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2018International benchmark study on numerical simulation methods for prediction of manoeuvrability of ships in wavesShigunov, Vladimir; El Moctar, Ould; Papanikolaou, Apostolos; Potthoff, Robert; Liu, Shukui
 2021Investigation of the influence of the main dimensional ratios of a ship on the added resistance and drift force in short wavesMourkogiannis, Dimitris; Liu, Shukui
2021Minimum propulsion power assessment of a VLCC to maintain the maneuverability in adverse conditionsFeng, Peiyuan; Liu, Shukui; Shang, Baoguo; Papanikolaou, Apostolos
 2021Prediction of the motion of a ship in regular head waves using artificial neural networksLiu, Shukui; Xu, Rong; Papanikolaou, Apostolos
 2020Rational processing of monitored ship voyage data for improved operationLiu, Shukui; Loh, Meici; Leow, Weichi; Chen, Haoliang; Shang, Baoguo; Papanikolaou, Apostolos
 2020Regression analysis of experimental data for added resistance in waves of arbitrary heading and development of a semi-empirical formulaLiu, Shukui; Papanikolaou, Apostolos
 2022Regulating the safe navigation of energy-efficient ships: a critical review of the finalized IMO guidelines for assessing the minimum propulsion power of ships in adverse conditionsLiu, Shukui; Papanikolaou, Apostolos; Shang, Baoguo
2022Supporting predictive maintenance of a ship by analysis of onboard measurementsLiu, Shukui; Chen, Haoliang; Shang, Baoguo; Papanikolaou, Apostolos
2022Towards the uncertainty quantification of semi-empirical formulas applied to the added resistance of ships in waves of arbitrary headingMittendorf, Malte; Nielsen, Ulrik D.; Bingham, Harry B.; Liu, Shukui