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2015Directional-sensitive differential laser Doppler vibrometry for in-plane motion measurement of specular surfaceAgusanto, Kusuma; Lau, Gih-Keong; Wu, Kun; Liu, Ting; Zhu, Chuangui; Yuan, Ling
2019Effect of oblique retroreflection from a vibrating mirror on laser Doppler shiftAgusanto, Kusuma; Lau, Gih-Keong; Liu, Ting; Zhu, Chuangui
2019Enhanced hidden moving target defense in smart gridsTian, Jue; Tan, Rui; Guan, Xiaohong; Liu, Ting
2012Nanofibrous collagen nerve conduits for spinal cord repairHoule, John D.; Chan, Barbara P.; Liu, Ting; Xu, Jinye; Chew, Sing Yian
2017Robust real-time visual trackingLiu, Ting
 2011Sustained release of neurotrophin-3 and chondroitinase ABC from electrospun collagen nanofiber scaffold for spinal cord injury repairChan, Barbara P.; Liu, Ting; Xu, Jinye; Chew, Sing Yian
2018Toward achieving robust low-level and high-level scene parsingShuai, Bing; Ding, Henghui; Liu, Ting; Wang, Gang; Jiang, Xudong
2015Video tracking using learned hierarchical featuresWang, Gang; Chan, Kap Luk; Liu, Ting; Yang, Qingxiong; Wang, Li
2014Visual tracking via temporally smooth sparse codingLiu, Ting; Wang, Gang; Wang, Li; Chan, Kap Luk